Herbert Cam At The EPF Command Room!

The Great Snow Race party has ended, but you can still watch Herbert! Go to the EPF Command Room and click the Herbert camera on the big TV.

You're now monitoring Herbert as he hibernates!

Elite Agents captured Herbert during Operation: Hibernation. We are keeping him in a mini-AC 3000 box until we figure out what to do with him.


Club Penguin September 2011 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats!

Here are the new hidden items cheats for the September 2011 issue of the Penguin Style catalog!

To find the Blue Duck:

Step 1. Go to page 8.
Step 2. Click on the blue flag.

To find the Green Wheeler:

Step 1. Go to page 9.
Step 2. Click on the top of the mountain.

To find the Red Viking Helmet:

Step 1. Go to page 13.
Step 2. Click on the yellow puffle.

To find the Blue Viking Helmet:

Step 1. Go to page 13.
Step 2. Open and close the Red Viking Helmet four times.

To find the Summit Boots:

Step 1. Go to page 15.
Step 2. Click on the top of the tree.

To find the Gnarly Helmet:

Step 1. Go to page 18.
Step 2. Click on the top of the tree.

To find the Castaway's Clothing, Adventure Face Paint, Foraged Bracelet, and the Adventurer Wig:

Step 1. Go to page 23.
Step 2. Click on the first candle.

To find the Lookout Wig:

Step 1. Go to page 26.
Step 2. Click on the rock.

To find the Shore Thing (Wig):

Step 1. Go to page 29.
Step 2. Click on the blue tile circled below.

To find the Black Electric Guitar:

Step 1. Go to page 32.
Step 2. Click on the speaker.

To find the Blue Dragon Feet:

Step 1. Go to page 35.
Step 2. Click on the wood design circled below.

To find the Blue Double Necked Guitar:

Step 1. Go to page 37.
Step 2. Click on the pink mask.

To find the Purple Electric Bass:

Step 1. Go to page 37.
Step 2. Click on the tip of the surfboard.

This month's "Penguins At Work" item is the Balloon Vendor outfit.

Check out the new backgrounds! They're the Fair Forts and Ranch backgrounds.

For more Club Penguin catalog cheats, click here.


Elite Agents & Tour Guides Payday - September 2011!

If you're a Elite Agent or a Tour Guide, you got a paycheck today for the month of September 2011!

Elite Agent paycheck:

Tour Guide paycheck:

Next paychecks come next month. Keep working hard Elite Agents and Tour Guides!

Click here to learn how to become a Elite Agent
Click here to learn how to become a Tour Guide


Club Penguin App Coming Soon!

After much rumors, Club Penguin has officially announced that they are soon releasing their first ever, Club Penguin iPhone App! However, they can not say much yet...

An "app" is another word for an application which can be downloaded for your mobile device, iPod, iPhone, Android phones, etc. There's apps for everything: cooking apps, radio apps, direction apps, games apps, and now — a Club Penguin app!

Oh boy this is exciting! Club Penguin will have some more info for us in the next few weeks.


Cheat One Hit Kill With Dark Set | Ninja Saga

      Cheat Ninja Saga New One Hit Kill Upadte By. Purnama Yasa. You can use Dark Set Edited this 
Cheat Working 100%, you can Have 900K demage (Weapon Sai Minori) Lets Try,..

Equipments :

Totorial to Hack :

1. Drag Swf File
2. Clear Chache
3. Go to Ninja Saga
4. Equpt Kunai ( Weapon Sai Minori )
5. Equipt Newbie Costume Male (Dark Set Cloth)
6. Equipt Straw Hat ( Back Ite "Decorative Rope" )
7. Use the Weapon, Every Battle  ,.. (900K Demage ) 
8. Enjoy This Hack
NB: This Cheat Working 100%, ( Not Savebale) don't compile any more !! TQ
Credits: Purnama Yasa

Totorial Vidio Watch this :

Beta Team: New Chat System Testing!

There's a new feature on the Beta Team site. It's not a game, something different. It's called "Test Server". And you really get to... test servers! LOL!

It looks like same as the Club Penguin play screen and you login with your regular penguin.

But here's what we're testing, a new chat system!

Cool! There are over new 300,000 phrases that safe chat penguins can now use! EPIC!


Beta Team: New Puffle Pop Game!

Check out this new game on the Beta Team website . It's called Puffle Pop.

The point of the game is to launch the same colored puffles at each other. Once you get 3 of the same puffles connecting, they will pop. Keep doing this until the screen is cleared.

I played a game like this before. Puffle Pop is a ClubPenguin-fied version of it.


Operation Hibernation Cheats! How To Find Herberts Lair!

Elite Agents, the Great Snow Race has begun. But you know what that means for us, right? Operation: Hibernation has begun!

Last week we tracked Herbert's location to the Toughest Mountain (that's where the Great Snow Race is being held) and blasted the mountain with cold air. That should put Herbert to hibernation so we can find and capture him!

To get started, go to the Ski Village, enter the Great Snow Race, click the icicles, continue going up, then enter the Ice Cave.

Get the free Infrared Tracker. Put it on your penguin.

Walk into the pathway with footprints.

Go through Maze #1 and avoid the lasers.

In Maze #2, get the Expedition Key pin, then continue to the next maze.

Maze #3 is the last maze! Solve it and continue to the next room.


You earned the Stunt Penguin stamp.

Herbert's security system is on. To turn it off, throw snowballs on the 3 electrical boxes.

Gary will then transport you a mini-AC 3000. You need to construct it around Herbert.

Step 1. Put the glass walls around Herbert. I drew an outline in red to give you an idea where to put them:

Step 2. Put the circular device around the hole.

Step 3. Place the tube into the hole.

Step 4. Connect the Mini-AC 3000 to the tube.

Congrats! You've trapped Herbert and earned the AC 3000 pin!

BUT WAIT! Klutzy's escaping!

Well, that's okay I guess. We still have Herbert. He can stay in the box Hibernating for up to 10 months! We will have more than enough time to figure out what to do with him.

Click here for Great Snow Race party cheats.


Great Snow Race 2011 Party Cheats!

The Great Snow Race 2011 party has finally arrived! Here's how to get your way to the top of the Toughest Mountain! To start, go to the Ski Village and go through the entrance.

Now you're at the preparation room! You can click on this catalog to get your supplies for the climb!

Now that we're set, lets begin! For the first level, click on icicles and continue going.

Once you're through level 1, continue to level 2.

We're now at level 2! There's a secret hidden room here... AGENTS, OPERATION HIBERNATION STARTS IN THIS ROOM! Click here for our Operation Hibernation cheat guide.

Now lets go back outside to the puzzle.

First move your mouse over the snow pile.

Now click on the branch.

Then keep clicking the branch until you brush off all the snow.

Now click the axe.

Keep clicking the axe until you cut down the tree.

Now throw snowballs on the icicles.

Then keep throwing snowballs until you drop them down.

DONE! You made a bridge! Walk over it.

You're now at the top of the mountain!

Make sure to get the free Alpine Helmet!

The best part is that you get to ski yourself down the Toughest Mountain! Get on the race track and begin!

That's all you need to know about the Great Snow Race! Have fun skiing penguins!

...but if you're a Elite Agent, there's much more... YOU NEED TO CATCH HERBERT! Click here for our Operation: Hibernation cheat guide!