Great Snow Race 2011 Party Cheats!

The Great Snow Race 2011 party has finally arrived! Here's how to get your way to the top of the Toughest Mountain! To start, go to the Ski Village and go through the entrance.

Now you're at the preparation room! You can click on this catalog to get your supplies for the climb!

Now that we're set, lets begin! For the first level, click on icicles and continue going.

Once you're through level 1, continue to level 2.

We're now at level 2! There's a secret hidden room here... AGENTS, OPERATION HIBERNATION STARTS IN THIS ROOM! Click here for our Operation Hibernation cheat guide.

Now lets go back outside to the puzzle.

First move your mouse over the snow pile.

Now click on the branch.

Then keep clicking the branch until you brush off all the snow.

Now click the axe.

Keep clicking the axe until you cut down the tree.

Now throw snowballs on the icicles.

Then keep throwing snowballs until you drop them down.

DONE! You made a bridge! Walk over it.

You're now at the top of the mountain!

Make sure to get the free Alpine Helmet!

The best part is that you get to ski yourself down the Toughest Mountain! Get on the race track and begin!

That's all you need to know about the Great Snow Race! Have fun skiing penguins!

...but if you're a Elite Agent, there's much more... YOU NEED TO CATCH HERBERT! Click here for our Operation: Hibernation cheat guide!