ESCAPEE ALERT: Herbert P. Bear!

ALL AGENTS: RED ALERT, RED ALERT! Herbert has escaped his cage and is on the loose! Take a look for yourself at the "Herbert Cam" located in the EPF Command Room.

Back in August 2011, the EPF captured Herbert during the Great Snow Race party.Our mission was called Operation: Hibernation. We captured Herbert as he was hibernating and we set up a cage around him. It seems as if Herbert has somehow woke up and ran away, or someone has helped Herbert to escape...


Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Cheats & Maze Cheat Guide!

WOAH! The whole Club Penguin island has tipped! ...but you know what that means, the Underwater Expedition party has begun! Here's all the cheats and insider tips!

There's some trash at the Dock. Click on them to clean up the water and to get the free "Cleaned Up Dock" background!

Now head over to the Beach. This is the headquarter of the party.

Get the free Heavy Hat!

This is the entrance of the maze. The stone on the left is a map.

Here's a step-by-step picture guide to solving the maze!

Congratulations! You've accomplished the maze! Hmm... wonder who lives here?

And why is there crabs shadows everywhere?!

Anyways... make sure to get the super cool and free Submarine Suit.

Enjoy the Underwater Expedition party everyone! What's your favorite part? Tell me!