Operation Hibernation Cheats! How To Find Herberts Lair!

Elite Agents, the Great Snow Race has begun. But you know what that means for us, right? Operation: Hibernation has begun!

Last week we tracked Herbert's location to the Toughest Mountain (that's where the Great Snow Race is being held) and blasted the mountain with cold air. That should put Herbert to hibernation so we can find and capture him!

To get started, go to the Ski Village, enter the Great Snow Race, click the icicles, continue going up, then enter the Ice Cave.

Get the free Infrared Tracker. Put it on your penguin.

Walk into the pathway with footprints.

Go through Maze #1 and avoid the lasers.

In Maze #2, get the Expedition Key pin, then continue to the next maze.

Maze #3 is the last maze! Solve it and continue to the next room.


You earned the Stunt Penguin stamp.

Herbert's security system is on. To turn it off, throw snowballs on the 3 electrical boxes.

Gary will then transport you a mini-AC 3000. You need to construct it around Herbert.

Step 1. Put the glass walls around Herbert. I drew an outline in red to give you an idea where to put them:

Step 2. Put the circular device around the hole.

Step 3. Place the tube into the hole.

Step 4. Connect the Mini-AC 3000 to the tube.

Congrats! You've trapped Herbert and earned the AC 3000 pin!

BUT WAIT! Klutzy's escaping!

Well, that's okay I guess. We still have Herbert. He can stay in the box Hibernating for up to 10 months! We will have more than enough time to figure out what to do with him.

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