Cream Soda Mystery... Cena's Theories!

Rockhopper's missing cream soda has been found by many penguins in the cream soda adventure hunt.

But a big question mark still remains... who hid Rockhopper's cream soda?!

Well, I have two suspects in mind:

SUSPECT #1: Rockhopper!

Yup, I think that Rockhopper himself hid the cream soda. In the newest newspaper interview, he seemed fine about the missing cream soda. He even made excuses like forgetting if he buries things. Plus, he's the one that wrote the notes throughout the scavenger hunt. How did he know the next location of the hunt? Did he already have it planned out?

SUSPECT #2: Mysterious Crabs!

I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing these red crabs running all around the island! They are here for no reason... and its the first time they appear at the Adventure party. These crabs are VERY mysterious, and only can be found in the rooms of the scavenger hunt. Example, at the Dock, Iceberg, Cove, and Treehouse. I think they have a lot to do with the missing cream soda.

Speaking of crabs... have you seen the mysterious BLUE crab?

He appears at the Cove every 30 minutes. Do you think he might be the crab's leader or something, lol?

The cream soda mystery will remain until someone reveals the secret. Do you have any theories of your own? Click here to tell me in a comment!