Penguin Band Tracker 2011 & How to Find the Penguin Band!

This is Cena12121's 100% accurate Penguin Band tracker! Every time I find the Penguin Band, I will updated this tracker right away. I usually find them every 2-4 minutes so keep refreshing this tracker for updates on Penguin Band's location.

Penguin Band Offline - Tracking starts during their next visit.

Cena12121's Club Penguin Penguin Band Tracker:

Currently--- Offline
Server------ N / A
Room-------- N / A

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Tips and More on Finding the Penguin Band:

Who are the Penguin Band?

The Penguin Band are a group of famous penguins that are Club Penguin's very own band! There is 4 members of the Penguin Band. They are G Billy, Petey K, Stompin Bob, and Franky.

How do Penguin Band look like?

Every member of the Penguin Band has a different look.

Franky wears a cowboy hat, is the color yellow, and plays the guitar.

G Billy wears a cowboy hat, drum sticks, and is the color dark blue.

Stompin Bob wears a cowboy hat, sunglasses, the color red, and plays the Bass Violin.

Petey K wears a cowboy hat, glasses, the color green, and plays the Accordion.

How can I find the Penguin Band?

The Penguin Band only visits us on special appearance. During special appearance, they hop around servers all the time. They spend about 4 minutes on each server, then they go to a different sever. So, you can't really tell what server he is usually on. The Penguin Band will always be togethor and always appear during the Club Penguin Music Jam party and will be hanging out at the backstage.

How Can I get the Penguin Band Free Background Item?
If you get a chance to met the Penguin Band, make sure to get the free Penguin Band Autograph Background. To do this, click on the any of the Penguin Band player card and click on the "Get Gift" button.

They also chat with you! Franky is my favorite. Did you meet them yet?