Club Penguin DJ Cadence Tracker 2011 & How To Find Cadence!

This is Cena12121's 100% accurate DJ Cadence Tracker! Every time I find DJ Cadence, I will updated this tracker right away. I usually find her every 2-5 minutes so keep refreshing this post for updates on the Cadence Tracker

Cadence Offline - Tracking starts during her next visit.

Cena12121's Club Penguin DJ Cadence Tracker:

Currently--- Offline
Server------ N / A
Room-------- N / A

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Tips And More To Find DJ Cadence

Who is DJ Cadence?

Cadence is Club Penguin's purple-haired musician, DJ and dancer! She hangs out at the Dance Club a lot. There, you can also play "Dance Contest" with her. She loves to spin around and breakdown with her boom box. She knows how to get the party started!

How does DJ Cadence look like?

DJ Cadence is a peach colored penguin. She wears green headphones, a pink and yellow striped scarf, white shoes, and has purple hair. This is Cadence's playercard:

How can I find DJ Cadence?

Like all other Club Penguin characters, DJ Cadence only comes out during some Club Penguin parties. She can be found in the Night Club, Dance Lounge, or the Rooftop. Cadence jumps to a different server every 5-7. She's mostly on crowded servers.

If you do met her, she will be always surrounded by a crowd.

If you can't find here in the crowd of fans, open the "Users In Room" list and find her name.

What can I do when I find her?

Once you have found DJ Cadence, click on her playercard and click on the box button. She will give you a free autographed background!

Cadence loves to to chat with other people! I've met her many times. She also gives out shout outs during her visit! She even gave me two shout outs before! Look!

Meeting Cadence is awesome! Have fun and good luck tracking!