Relive Club Penguin 2011 In One Minute!

The Club Penguin team has added a really neat video to their YouTube channel. It's all the events that happened in 2011, squished in 60 seconds!

Wait a minute... is the me I see in the video?! Yes! You can see Cena12121 about three times!

Haha awesome! Anyways, at the end of the video they show many sneak peaks for future 2012 events.

These here are for the Underwater Expedition.

I really have no idea what this is for, lol. If you have any suggestions, comment!

Huge fans and rockets on Rockhopper's ship? Then the Migrater becomes shipwrecked!

Puffle spa, maybe for the Puffle party.

Weird entrance at the Halloween party... (see the haunted sled?)

Wow, can't believe Club Penguin already has rooms drawn for parties that take place 10 months from now! Thanks for the sneak peaks!