Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Cheats!

The biggest party of the year has arrived, the 2011 Holiday party has begun! Here is all the party cheats and scoops.

Free Items!
This has to be the most free items ever given out during any party! If you head to the Forest, you'll see this stand.

Everyday until December 25, there will be a new free gift. Awesome!

To find the free Santa Seat Background:

Step 1. Go to the Book Room.
Step 2. Click on the camera.

Santa's Sleigh Ride
Members only: Make sure to take a ride on the Sleigh and win the free prizes! Here's how it works.

Step 1. Go to the Dance Club and upstairs into the Dance Lounge.
Step 2. Enter the door that says "SANTA SLED".

Step 3. Once the sled takes starts, you need to drop presents and land them in the igloo's chimneys. To do this, aim for the chimneys and press the red button.

Once you have delivered all of your presents, you will get a the gold ornament costume!

Play the sled game again to receive a green ornament costume, and again to get the red ornament costume!

New Bakery Room
From the Dance Lounge, you'll see two entrances to the Bakery. Everyone can enter from the main entrance, but the orange door is for members only.

Both doors lead to the same room, but the members only door takes you to the actual kitchen.

Members only: If you're behind the kitchen, make sure to get free Cookie Serving Apron.

Click the toaster to receive the free Deluxe Gingerbread House!

Make sure to waddle around the whole island, there's lots to explore at this party!

Click here for Coins for Change 2011.
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Click here for Aunt Arctic tracker.
Click here for the Humbug Holiday play.
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