Club Penguin Sensei Tracker & How to Find the Sensei Cheat Guide!

This is Cena12121's 100% accurate Sensei tracker! Every time I find Sensei, I will updated this tracker right away. I usually find him every 2-4 minutes so keep refreshing this tracker for updates on Sensei's location.

Sensei is offline — Tracker starts during his next visit.

Cena12121's Club Penguin Sensei Tracker:

Currently--- Offline
Server------ N / A
Room-------- N / A

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Tips and More on finding Sensei:

Who is Sensei?
The Sensei is a wise penguin who lives in the Dojo and instructs penguins on the way of the ninja. Very little is known about the mysterious Sensei, but he is said to enjoy the arts and green tea, and can turn invisible whenever he wants to.

How does Sensei look like?
Well, Sensei actually has three different outfits: his fire outfit, water outfit, and normal outfit.

Sensei's normal outfit is a rice hat, thick eyebrows, a beard, and the color gray.

Sensei's fire outfit is a rice hat, thick eyebrows, a beard, and his exclusive fire suit.

Sensei's water outfit is a rice hat, thick eyebrows, a beard, and is exclusive water suit.

How can I find Sensei?
The Sensei only visits us on special appearance. During special appearance, he hops around servers all the time. He spends about 6 minutes on each server, then he goes to a different sever. So, you can't really tell what server he is usually on. The Sensei will always be at the Ninja Hideout, no where else!

How Can I get the Sensei Free Item?
Once you found the Sensei, you can get a Free Sensei Background! To do this, click on the Sensei's player card and click on the "Get Gift" button.

If you can’t see the Sensei in a crowd, click on the "Show Buddies" icon that looks like a smiley face and click on "Show Online" to see the users in the room. Then, find the Sensei's name.