Cheat Instan Mission New Level 64-66 | Ninja Saga

    Hi Guys, Sorry I can't play NS as usual anymore, because many task. This is the Update Ninja Saga Hack. Cheat Ninja Saga Instan Mission New Update 16 October 2011 This cheat. Working 1000%, Mission Grade A ( Lv. 64, 66). You Can Auto Leveling with Ghost Mouse Tool,..

Equipments :

Totorial to Hack :

1. Go to Ninja Saga 
2. Drag Swf File
3. Clear Chache 
4. Go to "Kage Room"
5. Select Grade A (Mission Lv. 64 or 66)
6. Delay 15 sec if u Finish a mission
7. Enjoy This Hack
8. This Hack Instan 2 mission only.
9. You can auto leveling with Ghost Mouse (click here
     If u want other mission instanly ADD ME : Purnama Yasa

NB: This Cheat Working 100%, don't compile any more !! TQ