Cheat Claim All Item Reward+Package [Halloween]

Yesterday I've shared Cheat Instan Bat Doll, now i'll share Cheat Claim all Item in Halloween Event. Cheat Ninja Saga "Claim all item [Halloween] " [shop_new], Claim all event reward and set Package Update  27 October 2011 By. NsScriptHack. This Hack can Help you for Instan to get all Reward !!
Lets Try, ..

Equipment :
Totorials :
  1. Go to Ninja Saga
  2. Open Fiddler 
  3. Drag Swf File
  4. Clear chache 
  5. Go to Shop
  6. Click the "Emblem Hack [Siky]"
  7. Click Buy
  8. Claim all reward (using token ) "this token hack not permanent"
  9. You'll get eror, refresh/reload browser
  10. Play again, see the reward
  11. Repeat the above, get all Reward !!
  12. The rewards: "all Halloween Item", "Package [Merlin's]"
  13. Enjoy,
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