Cheat 50 Token [Token Hack] Permanent New Update

      Cheat Token New Ninja Saga (Token Hack) Upadate. Cheat 50 Token Permanent, Just for free user
Featured: Premium User (Emblem Hack), ++ One Hit Kill Dark Set. Btw, Lets Go to Hacking !!

Equipments :

Totorial to Hack :

1. Drag Swf File
2. Clear Chache
3. Go to Ninja Saga
4. Crate New Character Until level 8 
5. You will got 50 Saga Token
6. Don't Use instan mission (if u get eror, u can't got it)
7. Just use One Hit Kill every battle
8. Equpt Kunai ( Weapon Sai Minori )
9. Equipt Newbie Costume Male (Dark Set Cloth)
10. Equipt Straw Hat ( Back Ite "Decorative Rope" )
11. Use the Weapon, Every Battle  ,.. (900K Demage ) 
12. Enjoy This Hack
Credits: Purnama Yasa

Totorial Vidio Watch this :