Official Club Penguin YouTube Page! Behind the Scenes Video! Hidden Secrets!

Club Penguin has finally got their very own official YouTube page (

They've uploaded many old videos, like DS game commercials and old Get Connect vids. But they did add one new video... behind the scenes at Club Penguin!

AMAZING! It's so nice to meet some of the Club Penguin workers, listen to what they do at Club Penguin, and what their department is about!

While watching the video, I found some hidden secrets...

Secret 1: "Tip Iceberg"!
In the begining of the video, you can see "Tip Iceberg" at the top right of the screen. What does this mean?

Secret 2: Rockhopper Island?!
During Lane's (Billybob) intro, there's some backward sentences... I flipped them, there where some interesting ones.

"Rockhopper_Island_Map.JPG": will we be going to Rockhopper's island soon?
"The Directors Identity": will the Director reveal himself?
"Under The Iceberg": what does this mean, does it have anything to do with tipping the Iceberg?

Secret 3: New Grandpa Crab!
Remember that grandpa crab I posted about a while ago?

Well you can see him on a computer from one of Club Penguin's story line writers!

Secret 4: Operation Black Out!
On the same computer with the grandpa crab, you can see this word document, "Operation: Black Out". I've been hearing a lot of rumors about some sort of black out happening soon... and now it's been confirmed!

I will be posting a full theory post about this "Operation: Black Out" event. I think I got it all figured out...

That's all they hidden secrets I found! Do you think Happy77 will still be posting videos on her own YouTube channel, since Club Penguin got their official channel?

I LOVE behind the scenes videos! Thanks so much Club Penguin for all the time you took to make this AMAZING video and show us how many people and long work hours it takes to make such a monumental game for millions of kids to enjoy! Great job!