Gary Says Everything Is Cool...

In the past few days, Rookie and Gary have been sending message back and forth on the Elite Spy Phone. Here's what they're chatting about:

August 5: Message from Rookie:

Hey everyone! It's been super duper quiet recently. What's going on? Anything new?

August 6: Message from Gary:

Nothing to report.

August 7: Message from Rookie:

Hey G! What's up with this party everyone's talking about? It says in the newspaper you're helping arrange it?

August 8: Message from Gary:

Just a little get together I'm helping out with. Nothing to report.

"Nothing to report"? But in the newspaper interview, Gary looked super nervous. There was even a crab in the picture! No, no, no... something is definitely up. But what can be so secret, that Gary has to keep it hidden from other agents?