Club Penguin Tuba Video! Herbert AGAIN!

There's another new video on Club Penguin's YouTube channel! It's about... tubas?

Haha, not really. If you look closely, there's much more to this video. Let me point it out.

First off, the setting of this video is at the Beach, near the Lighthouse.

You see a group of yellow penguins playing the Tuba. Then a shadow walks by... it's Herbert and Klutzy!

After Herbert leaves, the yellow penguins reveal themselves. They are really E.P.F. agents in disguise!

Interesting... here's some other things that came into my mind.

Since this video is located at the Beach/Lighthouse, do you think it supports my theory that Herbert is going to attack the Lighthouse?!

Thanks Monchocho for the image.

The construction penguins in this video also caught my eye. Remember the E.P.F. island tubes that I posted about a long time ago? Is that what the penguins are building?!

I think it is! What do you think about my theories? Click here to tell me!

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