Rockhopper Arrives For Adventure Party!

Earn the Rockhopper Stamp while Rockhopper visits the island.

Rockhopper has arrived for the 2011 Club Penguin Island Adventure party!

He brought along a brand new Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog. This times free item is the Puffle Bandana.

The member items are the Scallywag Rags for 325 coins, the Rascal Wig for 300 coins, the Castaway Face Paint for 50 coins, the Wall Map for 250 coins, and the Topical Palm tree for 300 coins.

There's even a unexpected hidden item cheat!

To find the Ship in a Bottle:

Step 1. Click on the bottom right of the Wall Map.

Click here to find Rockhopper with our famous Rockhopper Tracker!