FAKE Cena12121 on Club Penguin! Impersonators On The Loose!

Since Friday, June 8, I've been getting tons of messages on Twitter with people saying "Thanks for adding me Cena"! I was really confused, because I never added anyone that day!

I first thought that it was an impersonator, someone who mixed up the numbers of my name, Cena12121, to make themselves look like me. Just like this person below:

But today, I got to met my impersonator face-to-face on Club Penguin! I WAS SHOCKED! HE HAD THE SAME NAME AS ME!

How is this possible? There can't be two "Cena12121"s on Club Penguin?!

Well, here's how they did it. They went to a non-English server and created a new penguin. After they typed in Cena12121, they put this weird symbol after it "ö".

They then log onto a English server, and the "ö" won't show on their name!

You can only see the "ö" if you try to report them to a moderator.

So how do you know if it's the real Cena12121 or not?
  • Look at their stamps. I currently have 175 stamps. If they don't, then it's not me!
  • Check their membership badge. The real Cena12121 has three stripes and a star.
  • See if their outfit matches mine. I always wear the tye-dye tshirt, red bandana, and shoes.
  • Look for "ö"s by trying to report the player to a mod.
  • Tweet me! I will let you know if that is really me on that server.
Also, I'm not the only one being impersonated. Other famous penguins are too.

Please report this to Club Penguin and include a link to this post so they know what your talking about! Click here to email Club Penguin. Send the same emails to the Bug department, Tech department, and the General Support department.