Cheat Secret Jutsu Amaterasu + Compilation New Update 15 July

Featured : *Secret Jutsu Amaterasu              *Back item Miya Falcon
                 *One Hit Kill Katana Kusanggi    *All Shin Clone Mission
                 *NsScriptHack Clothes                *Unlock All Special Jounin

Equipments :

Totorial to Hack :

1. Drag Swf File 
2. Clear chache ( Must Cleared )
3. Go to Ninja Saga 
4. Equipt Rapid Kick [Skill Amaterasu]
5. Equipt Kunia [Katana Kusanggi]
6. Equipt Straw Hat [Miya Falcon]
7. Equipt Newbie Contume Male [NsScriptHack Clothes]
8. Enjoy. Say Thanks to Follow this Blogg !!!

Totorial Vidio From YouTube