Meet the NEW Penguin Band!

Club Penguin has gave the Penguin Band a total makeover! They went from looking like this...

...into this!

They got new outfits and new instruments. Lets meet each "new" member of the Penguin Band.


Franky traded in the hat for a cool new green jacket and some fresh purple shoes.

Fun Facts:
  • Creative and curious.
  • Still gets butterflies before a performance.
  • Plays the keyboard.
Petey K:

Petey K upgraded his glasses for these new ones... but I think they look kinda girly, lol.

Fun Facts:
  • Funny and smart.
  • Likes pulling pranks on G Billy.
  • Plays the accordion.
Stompin' Bob:

Stompin' Bob threw his hat away and showed of his cool hair. And check out that sick red guitar!

Fun Facts:
  • Adventurous and cool.
  • Spends his free time reading, and writing songs.
  • Plays the electrical bass.
G Billy:

G Billy had the biggest change! He now wears a country shirt and a bandanna!

Fun Facts:
  • Loyal and dedicated to his fans.
  • Never takes off his lucky bandana.
  • Plays the drums.
Wow, they got some huge updates! It'll sure need some time getting used to.

Do you want to meet the new Penguin Band during the Music Jam party?! Just get on our Penguin Band tracker, click here!