Club Penguin Website GONE?! Domain Expires!

Like millions of other penguins today, I woke up, went to my computer, and opened up Club Penguin but... THE WEBSITE WAS GONE! Instead of going to, it redirected me to this weird site.

See, here's what happened. When you buy a website, you have to pay for the domain (the website URL) every few years. Today was Club Penguin's expiration date, and they forgot to renew their domain! So the website does not belong to them until they renew it.

I can't believe that this is game bought by Disney for over 300 million dollars, and they just forget to renew their domain. That is mega embarrassing!

In the end however, Club Penguin offices are going crazy and freaking out trying to get their website back.

Haha, let's hope the site will be back up within a couple hours.

UPDATE: Club Penguin has renewed their domain and the site is slowly starting to work for penguins. Others however still have the problem. There is no way to fix this, you'll just have to wait it out (It takes up to 72 hours or more for a website to renew it's domain after being expired).

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