Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 Party Cheats!

Time to rock and roll! The Music Jam party started on Club Penguin! Here are all the party cheats.

There are a few free items for the party. Here's how to find them.

To find the free Music Jam Cap:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Cove.
Step 2. Find and click on the Music Jam Cap stand.

To find the free Boombox:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Town.
Step 2. Enter the Night Club.
Step 3. Go upstairs to the Dance Lounge.
Step 4. Now enter the V.I.P Night Club Roof (members only).
Step 5. Find and click on the Boomboxs.

To find the free Green Music Jam Shirt:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Dock.
Step 2. Enter the V.I.P. Backstage room.
Step 3. Find and click on the Green Music Jam Shirt.

There are three awesome member rooms for the Music Jam party! They are the Backstage, Night Club Roof, and the Casa Fiesta rooms.

To enter the party rooms, you'll need the 2011 All Access Pass. Here's how to get it:

Step 1. Go to the Snow Forts.
Step 2. Click on the "Shirts Rock" stand.
Step 3. Buy the All Access Pass.

Now you can enter any party room!

This is where you can meet the Penguin Band! They hang out here a lot. You can enter the Backstage through the Dock.

Night Club Roof:
This room is the party central of the whole Music Jam! DJ Cadence loves to dance here. You can enter the Night Club Roof through the Dance Lounge.

There are even more party rooms! And for these, you DO NOT need an "All Access Pass"!

Casa Fiesta:
Aarriibbaaa! Here, you can can party Latino-style! You can even join a "Conga Line"! To enter the Casa Fiesta, just go to the Ski Village.

Music Maker 3000:
This room is really sweet. Stand in front of an instrument, and it will start playing! You can enter it through the Snow Forts.

There is a exclusive music catalog for the party! Just go to the Backstage, and click on the Backstage instruments box.

The Penguin Band and DJ Cadence are waddling the island! Use our trackers to find them!

Click here for our Penguin Band tracker.
Click here for our DJ Cadence tracker

Have a great time at the party! Make sure to check out all the cool stages and rooms!