Medieval Party 2011 Quest 1 Cheats!

This is a full guide to solve Quest 1 of the Medieval party quests. Go to the Underground Pool to start your quest.

Challenge #1: Go to every orb and stand on the platform to light up the orbs. After your done, a gate will open for Challenge #2, enter it.

Challenge #2: Hit 50 targets to open the gate for Challenge #3. Make sure get the free Staff and Shield!

Challenge #3: Get the Iron Helmet then do the maze.

Here's the directions for the maze. From the starting room go...

1. Go down
2. Go left
3. Go down
4. Go right
5. Go right
6. Go up

Congratulations! You now have finished the first Knight's Quests!...

....get your final free item, the Iron Armor!

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