Gary Explains E.P.F. Agent Classes

Since May 1, Gary has been sending us messages on our spy phones explaining each Elite Penguin Force agent class.

May 1: Gary explains to us what are classes are:

The agent classes each represent a specialized role in the EPF. Each class brings different strengths and skills to their squad.

May 1: Gary explains the Tactical Class:

Tactical agents are experts of snowball combat. They are heavily armored, and solve problems head-on with as much action as possible.

May 2: Gary explains the Tech Class:

Tech agents are gadget-geniuses and computer experts. They solve problems with intellect, and are most powerful in front of a computer.

May 2: Gary explains the Stealth Class:

Stealth agents are masters of disguise. They solve problems by watching and waiting for the right time to act. They are very secretive.

May 3: Gary explains the Comm Class:

Comm Agents are experts in intel and recon. They solve problems with information and diplomacy. They are excellent leaders.

Thanks for making things a lot more clear Gary!