Club Penguin Beta Team: Guide & Cheats!

This post is a full walkthrough on how to use the Club Penguin Beta Team website!


1) What's the Beta Team website?
- Disclaimer
2) How do I access it?
3) Command Bar
- Command List
4) Features
- Summary
- Rating
- Comments

What's the Beta Team?

The Beta Team is a secret website open to Club Penguin players where you can play and test games before the get released, about about secret Club Penguin projects, and get the full behind the scenes access to Club Penguin.

This disclaimer is displaying on the bottom of the Beta Team site. I recommend reading it:

"Disclaimer: This exclusive test content is for authorized Beta Team members only. Content may or may not be available in all languages. It will likely contain bugs. It may also never be seen on Club Penguin. Coins cannot be earned within Beta Team. The Terms of Use applies to all content contained within. By logging in, the user agrees to become an authorized member of the Beta Team."

How do I access it?

The only way to log into Beta Team is by finding a hidden link on the Club Penguin "What's New" blog. Here's how:

Step 1. Go to the What's New blog"
Step 2. Look at the word "Team" at the end of each post. Find one that you can click on.

Step 3. You are now at the Beta Team site, which is
Step 4. Enter your penguin's name and password.
Step 5. Click "Login".

Command Bar:

The command bar is located on the top of the Beta Team website. Here, you write down commands to move around the site.

Command List
These are the actions that you can write in the command bar:

LS: lists all the games and files in the Beta Team site.
play [[game name]]: opens the game and it’s description.
rate [[y/n]]: rates how much you like the game - type ‘rate y’ if you like it, type ’rate n’ if you don’t.
comment [[user comment]]: submits a comment about the game.
clear: clears the screen.
logout: logs you out of the Beta Team site.

For example, say I want to view all the games and files that are currently in the Beta Team site. I would type "ls" is the command bar and hit enter to view everything.


When you go to view a file, it comes along with three things...

Summary: describes the type of game or file.

Rating: you will have the option to rate on how much you like the game or idea.

Comments: you can give your feedback by writing a comment in the box and sending it to Club Penguin.

That's all you'll need to know about the Beta Team site! Have fun playing and testing things before they're released to all players. The Beta Team site gets updated with new files every once in a while, so keep checking in!

What do you think of the Beta Team? Are you part of it? Click here to tell me!