The Buggiest Party Ever!

Ever since the Medieval party started, Club Penguin has been flooding with nasty bugs and glitches. Here's just some of them:

"Undefined" Bug!
If you try getting the free Purple Wizard Hat, or any items from the new Medieval Party catalog, the item's names don't appear!

Disappearing Room Bug!
In many Club Penguins rooms, they randomly turn white when you go there! This problem happens especially in Quest 1. In the maze section, when you get to the 6th room, it turns blank! Making it impossible to continue your quest!

Missing Items Bug!
For a lot of people, clothing items have been disappearing from their inventory! In my case, the tie-dye tshirt that I always wear shows on my playercard, but not on my penguin avatar. Some people can see my shirt, but it does not appear on my screen!

And baddest one of all, the...
Connection Bug!
This bug has been driving me crazy! When I sometimes go to play Club Penguin, the doomed blue screen appears! Nothing loads!

And then sometimes, Club Penguin does load and I login. But I only see the Town for 2 seconds, then everything freezes, disconnects, and turns white!

This bug is so annoying! I wasn't able to log into Club Penguin from Thursday to Sunday! That's why I was so late posting the Medieval party cheats, sorry about that BTW.

Other bugs!
Here are some other bugs lingering around Club Penguin.
  • *THIS BUG HAS BEEN FIXED* No new Medieval party postcards
  • *THIS BUG HAS BEEN FIXED* Tour Guide chat has not been updated for the Medieval party.
  • When writing in the chat box, you can not write after putting any punctations like "!" and "?".
  • *THIS BUG HAS BEEN FIXED* Missing "Noble Knight" stamp.
Fixing these bugs...
Most of these bugs cannot be fixed. They are Club Penguin's problem and only they can fix them. I tried to do many things to fix my connection bug like...
  • Restarted my computer.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled Flash Player.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.
  • Tried playing Club Penguin with my security program turned off.
  • Tried playing Club Penguin with my firewall off.
  • Turned off and turned back on my internet modem.
You can try to clear your cache, but it does little to help.

In the end however...

Sorry for all of you having to deal with these bugs and not able to see the Medieval party. A multimillion dollar game should be able to fix these bugs right away, especially when they have full test and tech teams and even when they test parties months before they're released. But obviously they are not and thousands of players are having to deal with the results.

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