Club Penguin April Fools Party 2011 Cheats

All the silly, goofy, and wackiness have arrived on Club Penguin! I'm taking about the April Fools party of course!

FREE ITEM: Purple Propeller Hat!

Step 1. Go to the Dock.
Step 2. Throw snowballs at the wall until you finish a painting.

Step 3. Once finished, a Purple Propeller Hat will appear. Get it!

The biggest part about the party is the Scavenger Hunt! You can get 3 free items by completing it. Click here for my Scavenger Hunt cheats!

The party is a lot like last years, except one thing. THE BOX DIMENSION IS SUPPER COOL! Go the Box Dimension, and from there, you can enter 7 different wacky new rooms!

Overall the party is a thumbs up. It wouldn't been better if it was spread out a little bit more. For example, the whole party is basically in the Box Dimension.