Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition Cheats & Walkthrough!

The Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition has started! Here's a full guide to complete the quest, and get a very rewarding PRIZE!

To begin your journey, go to the Dock and follow the arrow.

Your now in the preparation room. Pick up this free Expedition Hat:

Continue waddling to the next room. Your now in the maze; you now have the option to go up, down, left or right. Here's the walkthrough for the maze:

Step 1. Go right.

Step 2. Go up.

Step 3. Go right.

Step 4. Go down.

Step 5. Go left.

Step 6. Go down.

Step 7. Go right.

You've now made it to the cliff and have to get a machine working. Here's how to solve it:

Step 1. Click on the electrical outlet.

Step 2. Click on the coffee beans.

Step 3. Click on the green lights.

Step 4. Click on the coffee.

Step 5. Click on the green button.

Step 6. Click on the pink lever switch, then the green lever switch, then the yellow button, then the red button, then the blue button, then the pink button.

Step 7. Click on the blue lever switch.

Step 8. Click on the piano keys that light up.

Step 9. Throw snowballs at the fire to turn it off.

Step 10. Click on the piano keys that light up again.

Step 11. Click on the green button.

Step 12. Click on all of the green squares.

Step 13. Click on the purple and the green switches.

Step 14. Click on the wheel.

Step 15. Click on the red handle.

Step 16. Click on the hot sauce.

Step 17. Click on the water.

Step 18. Click on the vents.

Step 19. Click on the toaster.

Step 20. Throw snowballs at the target until the barrel rises up.

Step 21. Get in the barrel and it will carry you down!

You're now in the last challenge - you have to build a boat! Drag parts of the boat to the platform.

Once you've built the boat, buy a Life Jacket from the stand.

Put your Life Jacket on, and get on the boat. You're now sailing across to some sort of cave...

...but not any kind of cave, the "Puffle Cave"...


To adopt a Brown Puffle:

Step 1. Click on the paper.

Step 2. Click "Adopt"

You've completed the Wilderness Expedition! And what a expedition it was! I LOVED IT! Thanks Club Penguin!

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