Club Penguin System Defender Cheats - Walktough - Help!

This here is a full walkthrough, help, and cheat guide for Elite Penguin Force's System Defender game!


What is System Defender?
How To Play
Tutorial Mode
Defend System Mode
Advanced Mode

What is System Defender?

Uh-oh! It looks like the Elite Penguin Force computers are under attack! And we need agents to stop them! First become a Elite Agent of course, then go to the Command Room and click on the System Defender screen.

In System Defender, enemy bots are trying to destroy the E.P.F. computers. To stop them you need to set up different kinds of cannons/weapons to destroy the bots before they reach the E.P.F. system!

How To Play:

Your task: build cannons to destroy the enemy bots.

At the top left of your screen are your cannons and gear.

You have three types of cannons. They are...

Red Cannons: Have low power, but shoot fast.

Yellow Cannons: Have medium power and medium speed, but shoot long distances.

Purple Cannons: Slow, but are the most powerful.

Gears: Are used to upgrade your cannons.

To build a cannon: click on it, then drag it to a glowing square.

Keep in mind that energy is needed to build cannons. You get energy every time you destroy a bot.

There are three types of enemy bots:

Red Bots: Attack in large groups.

Orange Bots: Very fast.

Purple Bots: The hardest to destroy; they can take lots of damage.

Tutorial Mode

On the System Defender home screen, click on the "Tutorial" button to train with G. He will teach you all of what you need to know to defend the system!

Once you've completed training with G, you'll get a "Ready For Duty" stamp!

Defend System Mode

Whenever there is a real emergency, the System Defender screen will look like this and say "WARNING! SYSTEM UNDER ATTACK!"

Click on the "Defend System" button to do the newest mission in System Defender.

Once you completed the mission, the System Defender home screen will go back to normal and look the this...

...also, the mission will get saved in the "Advanced" files. Continue reading to learn about "Advanced" mode.

Advanced Mode

Click on the "Advanced" button to go to the Advanced section.

All missions that you've done in System Defender get saved in "Advanced" section.

Here, you can play them again at any time!


You can earn lots of stamps with System Defender! Right now, there are 10 out of 16 stamps available.