Club Penguin Speaks Out Over Newspaper Issues!

Club Penguin has noticed that a lot of people are not happy with the new newspaper.

Today, they told us WHY they changed it. They said:

"The old version of the newspaper was taking a LOT of the team's time to make every week. So we wanted to make a new version that would take less time to make, but still keep you up-to-date on all the latest news on the island.

So here's some good news: Now that we've changed the newspaper, the team can spend MORE time on other things you've have been asking for, like parties, puffles, games and other new stuff!"

...okay, I understand that it was taking time to make, but THAT'S WHY WE LIKED IT!

Club Penguin is a multimillion dollar company and I'm sure they can hire a small newspaper team if it's taking up some of there time, right?

Well anyway, at least Club Penguin addressed this issue. Now lets see what they got in store for us, since they have more time to work on other fun stuff.