How To Make Club Penguin Go Faster!

I heard that Card-Jitsu Water was slow and laggy, but I didn't think it was that bad until I played Card-Jitsu Water at my friend's house!

He has a kinda slow computer, but I couldn't believe how much Card-Jitsu Water was lagging! It was impossible to win one game because of the lag!

So when I came home, I dug deep and got you guys two great tips that will make Card-Jitsu Water, and Club Penguin itself, run way faster!

TIP #1:
Play Club Penguin in a smaller screen!

It is unbelievable how much faster it goes!

To do so, just click the "Small Screen" button on Club Penguin!

Now you're playing Club Penguin in a small screen version.

TIP #2:
Lower your resolution!

Resolution means how well the image quality of a game/picture is.

To do this, open up Club Penguin, and just press the "-" or "=" key.

To go back to high resolution, press just the "-" or "=" key again.

Low resolution will not give you the best quality image, but it sure does help when playing Card-Jitsu Water!

These two tips should make Club Penguin run way faster!

Comment back if it helps! Enjoy!

Thanks Shill 99 for the info!

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