Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Cheats!

This is Cena12121's Card-Jitsu Water cheat guide and walkthrough!


- Summary
- Getting Started
- Earning your Water Suit
- How to play Card-Jitsu Water
- Becoming a full Water Ninja


In Card-Jitsu Water, you do not earn belts for your progress. Instead, you earn parts of the Water Suit. Every time you go to a next level, the Sensei gives you a part of the Water Suit. Once you passed all of the levels and got every part of the Water Suit, you need to challenge the Water Sensei. Once you bet him, he will give you a water gem to put on your Amulet; now your a official Water Ninja!

Getting Started:

Step 1. Become a ninja (Click here for my Card-Jitsu ninja cheat guide).
Step 2. Go to the Ninja Hideout and buy the Amulet from the Martial Artworks catalog.

Step 4. Click on the Water Tablet, and enter the Water Dojo.
Step 5. Click on the Water Sensei to talk to him, he will give you the Water Booster Pack.

Once you got the Water Booster Pack, you can play Card-Jitsu Water!

Earning Your Water Suit:

There are four parts to your Water Suit...

...To earn them, go to the Water Sensei, and play Card-Jitsu Water in "Earn You Water Suit" mode. Every time you win, you get closer to earning the next Water Suit item.

How To Play Card-Jitsu Water:

Your goal in Card-Jitsu Water is to reach the Gong first, or to be the last ninja standing.

But there are stones in your way, and you must empty the stones to walk on them (So you do not fall off the waterfall).

To do this, pick a card (ice, water, or fire) from your deck that will destroy the element that's on the stone.

For example: I want to go on the stone in front of me, but it has a pile of snow on it, I would pick a fire card from my deck and use it against that stone.

Becoming A Full Water Ninja:

After earning every part of your Water Suit, go to the Water Sensei, and click on "Challenge the Sensei" mode.

If you beat the Sensei, you become a full Water Ninja and earn your Water Gem!

Have fun and good luck becoming a Water Ninja!